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Introduction of the principle, Tsai Yi Ru

Tsai Yi Ru, from Nantou City, Taiwan, graduated from Tunghai University in 1991 in Taiwan. She used to work in famous language schools, including Gram English and Kid Castle American English in Taiwan. Not only did she teach English for 5 years in Taiwan, but also she has more than 20 years of teaching experience. Miss Tsai has a deep love and talent for learning language since she was a child, she is 




proficient in Chinese, English, Thai, Taiwanese, and Cantonese. Miss Tsai was aspired to be an excellent teacher when she was little, and began teaching English at 20 years old. 

When she moved to Thailand in 1991, Miss Tsai assisted her mother to manage a vegetarian food factory in the early stage, but later shefound she preferred education, so she decided to devote herself to Chinese and English teaching. Miss Tsai held the post of Chinese teaching in Khon Kaen University from 1997 to 1999, ultimately she established Mulan Language School in 1999 while she was also teaching Chinese in the Chinese Language Center(CLC) for 8 years. She applied officially for school qualification in 2009, and started to make an effort to promote branch schools in different cities. Approximately 20 branch schools are successfully established in just 3 years.


While popularizing Chinese teaching, Miss Tsai is also keen on popularizing Chinese culture and traditional virtues, expecting  to make a contribution to teaching Chinese in Thailand and help students to have deeper understanding about Chinese culture through popularizing Chinese teaching, which finally leads to the ideal world of Confucius: To govern the country and bring peace to all, one should first be able to govern one’s family; to govern one’s family successfully, one should first learn to govern oneself. Her motto is dealing with affairs with respect and treating people with honesty. Her greatest expectation is to help people to improve their thinking in order to help the society of Thailand. She hopes to enlighten Thai students to be social talents that also being filial to their elders. She also promotes Cardinal Pate, the traditional eight Morals of China, Filial piety, brotherhood, loyalty, honesty, propriety, integrity, and parity sense of shame.