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      Mulan Language School was established in 1999, its predecessor was Mulan Tutoring Center which mainly offers teaching service in the three languages, Chinese, English, and Thai.  MLS sent teachers to teach in different families and established small class in the tutoring center. It was officially registered in the Ministry of Education in 2009 and became a qualified language school of Chinese, English and Thai. 

     Mulan’s operating principles is to spread Chinese culture and better social morality. Its goal is to be the best Chinese academy in Thailand, intrigue people to learn Chinese, and helping them to overcome obstacles in learning Chinese, so that they can speak proficient Chinese and read all kinds of Chinese books, especially books and aphorisms that contain extensive and profound culture connotation. Thus, the younger generation can know about Chinese culture through learning it and by cultivating their inner character and thought, eventually families and the society will be more harmonious.

     Mulan has dedicated itself to the research of better teaching methods and fostering good teachers. It uses the distinctive and amazing teaching material and teaching method called Level Reading, its original name is Chinese Character Canon and it’s also called Hi-Speed. It can solve the problem that Chinese character is hard to learn. It can help students to remember more characters in a short time, moreover, they don’t have to remember characters through writing and Pinyin. It matches up with many activities and games, which makes students have fun while learning Chinese and helps them to be more initiative in learning, so that they get more and more confident and interested in learning. While learning many characters, they also have practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing, therefore, there would be obvious improvement after 120-hour learning, and students can read simple articles and stories soon. All the learning process not only helps students to learn and know about Chinese culture but also lays a solid foundation for learning in the future.